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Tu Kōd : To Code : TuKod : tukod [tú.kud.] : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.)

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TuKod Theme Revival - Atahualpa Rebuilt!

A lot of people love the WP Atahualpa Theme, but this love fades as they take their websites more seriously. The TuKod Theme is Atahualpa Rebuilt with all the features you ever wanted. […]

Many Thanks for the Atahualpa Theme for WordPress

Atahualpa has had major rewrites to produce the TuKod Theme with its advanced features. We just wanted to stop for a moment and reflect on the past and say thanks for everything! […]

Welcome To The TuKōd Theme

A fork of the Atahualpa Theme, the TuKod Theme is adding back all the features lost since the beginning of the Theme Frames project. This public, open-source project seeks to address the needs of Multi-Site and Multi-Network installs of WordPress 3.1 and above. […]

Hello World! Welcome To TuKod!

To Code : TuKod in Cebuano means : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.) That describes TuKod in a nutshell. TuKod sounds like To Code and that is what we do, we build and support with PHP Code! […]