Tu Kōd : To Code : TuKod : tukod [tú.kud.] : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.)

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Welcome To The TuKōd Theme

A fork of the Atahualpa Theme, the TuKod Theme is adding back all the features lost since the beginning of the Theme Frames project. This public, open-source project seeks to address the needs of Multi-Site and Multi-Network installs of WordPress 3.1 and above. […]

Welcome To TuKōd Multi-Network

The WP Multi Network Plugin broke with WP3.1. The TuKod Multi-Network Plugin for WordPress is a drop in replacement that is light, clean and fast! […]

Hello World! Welcome To TuKod!

To Code : TuKod in Cebuano means : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.) That describes TuKod in a nutshell. TuKod sounds like To Code and that is what we do, we build and support with PHP Code! […]