TuKōd Theme

Welcome To The TuKōd Theme!

The TuKod Theme project is a fork of the Atahualpa Theme. Like ALL TuKod projects for WordPress, the MAIN purpose of the TuKod Theme fork is to provide a more STABLE Theme and support for WordPress 3.1 and above in Multi-Site and Multi-Network Modes.

Nonetheless, we have planned the following features…

  1. Stability ~ We want the TuKod Theme to be more Stable.
  2. Protected Modifications that will not need to be deleted / changed at each update.
  3. One Touch Updates from WordPress.Org.
  4. Multi-Site Installation ~ Complete compatibility!
  5. TuKod Multi-Network Plugin ~ Complete compatibility!
  6. WordPress Media Uploader Uploading of all graphics (these will be protected from upgrades).
  7. NO FTP Uploads after initial install for graphic files.
  8. Features Rollback to include all Atahualpa 3.5.3 features where possible.
  9. PHP ~ Easy addition of PHP into the theme like in 3.5.3 above.
  10. Easy Conversion from Atahualpa to TuKod for upgrades.
  11. Public Project ~ Open Source Contribution and Integration of Code.
  12. Additional Feature Enhancements.

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We invite you to work with us on the TuKod Theme!

Update: 201202090742

TuKōd Multi-Network

Welcome To TuKōd Multi-Network

The concept of the TuKod Multi-Network WordPress Plugin is to provide and easy to use and fast Plugin for WordPress 3.x that will allow Multi-Network (not just Multi-Site).

We want a clean and easy to use intuitive plugin, fast and without all the problems, we have been seeing lately with some of the products available.

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We invite you to work with us on the TuKod Theme!

Updated: 201201090756

Welcome To TuKod!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to TuKod!

ToKod.com gets its name from the fact that “Tu Kōd“ is the NuEnglish way to spell “To Code” ~ and ~ that “Tukod” is the Bisaya way to say “Support!”

We are here to support (tukod) you! If you would like more information about our name or about NuEnglish see the Names page on the About link on the navigation bar above, Or go directly to the Tu Kōd Names Page.

We currently have a few TuKod (Support) Projects on the drawing board…

  • TuKōd Dating (Dating TuKod)
  • TuKōd Theme
  • TuKōd Multi-Network Plugin
  • TuKōd Health (New Lifestyle ~ Health TuKod!)
  • TuKōd Translator (Dating TuKod)

And we are planing to add more as these develop.

You can watch this ToKod blog for announcements when these will be released.  Likewise for any information regarding them.  You can also track the Categories for information on what is happing with your project of choice…

Until then you may want to have a look at the Pages above… There are a number of pages listed on the About Link, that may be a good place to start!

Thank you for reading this, our very first post…

Zoe “Zozo” Pelin – co-CEO
Marie Estebanie Pelin – co-CEO
Lan Tait – Mentor