L.A.N. or Lan



Tu Kōd : To Code : TuKod : tukod [tú.kud.] : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.)

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  • LAN is our TuKod Mentor, friend, comforter, spiritual guide, guru, a bona fide genius, teacher and sometimes “papa”.
  • LAN, it is said, is an acronym for Loving And Nice!
  • TuKod means “brace” or “support” and LAN has been ours from the beginning.
  • LAN has worked on computers since before computers had self starting BIOS chips.
  • LAN has been working on the Internet since before it was called the Internet (it was first called the ARPANET!) and before most people even knew what a computer was.
  • LAN has dozens of websites, including his famous Lan Net Work! where he publishes technical self help.
  • LAN owns some domain names (like fil.net and 7t.net) that were registered about the same time as google.com (1997).  Two letter domain names (like 7t.net) are the rarest in the world, and have been unavailable (all registered) since somewhere around “Nineteen-forgotten!”
  • LAN has been programming computers for four decades.  (Most people who program computers today are not even four decades old!)
  • LAN has been publishing practical programming advice on Internet websites since the mid 1990’s. When LAN started publishing advice, tricks and tips about the Internet, most people did not even know what the Internet was!
  • At a time when few understood the Internet, LAN was hand building computers, servers, routers, and Internet radio interfaces.  Long before any telephone company got involved, LAN had already hand build five ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to bring the power of the Internet to the hands of the people.
  • LAN was credited with inventing the Prepaid Internet Card. He called it the “BlockTime” Card. “It works like a Cell Phone Card, you buy a block of time and you use it!” LAN also wrote the first program to use the Prepaid Internet Card automatically.
  • In the late 1900’s LAN was publishing a weekly newspaper column called “I-Talk” teaching people advice, tricks and tips on how to use and benefit from the Internet. Again at a time most of the world knew nothing about the Internet or how it worked.
  • LAN is a philanthropist!  He gives the majority of his time and money to help the poor and needy in the Philippines.
  • LAN is a practical missionary!  A practical missionary uses their own money to help improve the lives of the less fortunate (like us!), in both physical and spiritual dimensions.  LAN does this by teaching us, and encouraging us to have excellence in our programs and in our lives and to live with impeccable words…
  • LAN is our guide and encouragement!