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Update WordOps from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, on Linode
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You should try the commands below from your terminal. This is a cheat-sheet. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade wo maintenance wo stack upgrade –all wo clean –all reboot

Coding Domain Command Examples in Documentation
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Official Command Example Domains Officially there are only three domain names that can be used as Command Examples in your Documentation. These are: example.com example.net example.org Subdomains These domains cannot be used on the internet. Obviously this means subdomains may … Read More

About TuKod
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Sorry, this is a place holder.We are working on the content for this page. Some Other Sites: Note: These links are to Sitemaps,which have links into these sites:Or just ckick the “Site” Link below. Replacetarian Sitemap (Site) Sentient Sitemap (Site) … Read More

Make a Linode Cheat Sheet
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First, gather the following in a file you can copy/paste from. 1) Login to your Linode account. https://login.linode.com/ 2) Click Create -> Linode 3) Select Image I will be using Debian 9 (later to load WordOps and YOURLS). 4) Region … Read More

TuKod Theme Revival – Atahualpa Rebuilt!
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A lot of people love the WP Atahualpa Theme, but this love fades as they take their websites more seriously. The TuKod Theme is Atahualpa Rebuilt with all the features you ever wanted.

Thanks Atahualpa Theme
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Atahualpa has had major rewrites to produce the TuKod Theme with its advanced features. We just wanted to stop for a moment and reflect on the past and say thanks for everything!