Greetings from the Philippine Islands!


If you came here looking for support for your project, we waiting for WordPress.Org to assign our URI. At that time we will direct you there, direct from the Plugin.

For now, check our menus, we have a growing amount of support information on this website. You may find the information here, or be able to leave a comment on an appropriate post. You may want to start with the TuKod Projects Page.

Feed Us or Donation

If you came here on a Feed Us link or a Donation link…

Thank You for your interest to donate. Believe that we are very happy you have come to this page. We know the hunger pains of not being able to eat three times day. Or twice, or even once a day. For us, this is no joke. Some of us have gone days with no food, even more than a week.

When we were given the opportunity to learn to write these plugins, we took it! We hope enough people will like our work, and donate, so that we can buy food. We are not beggars, we simply want food to survive, in exchange for our work. This is the correct Donation link (if this link comes back to this page, it is not yet fully established, and we are working on it!).

Donate via PayPal

We are currently in the process of getting a PayPal Account, with the supporting bank accounts. To someone in Canada, the UK or the USA, it may sound easy. However, consider that our team leader is having a hard time getting a birth certificate that has correct information on it! Getting a postal ID in the Philippines can take weeks or months. Getting a Voter’s ID may take 6-7 years! Getting a Social Security System Card or Tax Identification Card – well, we just do not know … because no one here has been successful in obtaining one yet!

All of these, in one round about way or another, support getting a PayPay Account. When we get one it will replace this page, so please check back often!

Amazon Wish List

If you followed the Amazon Wish List link… Well, we are too busy thinking about how to get food!  Maybe someday we will have a wish list from Amazon.  Right now it cost more in shipping than the item to send it to the Philippines… And there is that very real matter of food!  Our Amazon Wish is for a PayPal Account in the hopes you will help feed us!

Thank You,

The TuKod Team