Make a Linode Cheat Sheet

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First, gather the following in a file
you can copy/paste from.

1) Login to your Linode account.

2) Click Create -> Linode

3) Select Image
I will be using Debian 9 (later to load WordOps and YOURLS).

4) Region
This is based on your Demography.

5) Linode Plan
This is the size of your Linode.
First Time Websites:
Nanode 1GB For Developement – may be ok for a small blog.
Linode 2GB Smallest I would recommend for any Production Server.

Done It Before:
If you need one of these, you don’t need this Chet Sheet!
Linode 192GB
Dedicated 96GB
Linode 300GB

6) Linode Label
A short menorabke nane For This Server (Only Seen By You!).
For a Debian 9 server for hosting you might want
TAIT Debian 9
or just
or just
Debian 9

“Debian 9” works well for Noobs with only one Linode.
You could also put a name there like

7) Add Tags
Tags work well for short reminders. Fir this I will Add:
Deb9 (Debian 9)
WO (WordOps)
WP (WordPress)

8) Root Password
Password must be at least 6 characters and contain each of the following characters: uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special character.

Acronyms are a good way to make passwords.
Pass Phrase = “I need #2 rice to feed my dogs”
Password = “In#2rtfmd” Length = 9
*note “#2” can mean “2 Pounds”.

Pass Phrase = “My daughter Zoe made #3 honors!”
Password = “MdZm#3h!” Length = 8

9) Optional Add-ons
None Required.

10) Press Create
Congratulations! You have created Your Linod!

The next step will be to Remove Linode Root Login.

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