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TuKod Taijitu (Our Logo)

Yin with Yang

The TuKod philosophy is that of a team.  It has been said,

“There is no I or U in TEAM!

The team lives as a unit, yet with the faces of many people.  The team wins or loses together.  A team always has a yin and yang quality to it.  Part of each other that complement each other.  Therefore, the yin and yang symbol, or Taijitu, is very attractive to us.

Unicode features the taijitu (or sometimes the reverse “two bodies”)  in the Miscellaneous Symbols block, at code point U+262F YIN YANG ().  For us, the taijitu is about balance.  Likewise, you cannot have yin without yang, nor yang without yin, we need each other to exist.  You cannot have day without night, each with its own purpose.  Light and dark (but in the sense of work and rest, not good vs evil).

Karma, or the older law of sowing and reaping from the Bible, are likewise expressed as the good in the female that completes the good in the male and vise versa.  One cannot exist without the other, just as a team cannot succeed without working together.


T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Accomplishes More!


“It’s All Ones and Zeros!”

As one of our mentors stated, “We always start with zero, unless we start with one!”  Or simply, “Computing is binary, it’s all ones and zeros!”  Our logo, our taijitu is modified slightly so that the eyes (dots) may represent either a zero0” or a bracketed one(1)“.  In computers an active signal may be a one or logic “true”, or is may often be a zero or logic “not true”.


“If not-true is false, is not-true true?”


In fact, most math in computers is done with a one complement – or simply stated by changing all zeros to ones and ones to zeros.  Therefore the “eyes” of our  TuKod Taijitu Logo represent both the zero and one as if to present an option, or complementary ways of doing things.


“We always start with zero, unless we start with one!”


TuKod or Tu Kod

Tukod means “Support!”  We support each other, and we support others.  Tu Kod is also the NuEnglish way to spell “To Code!”

Our Horizontal TuKod Taijitu Logo is intended to represent To Code Support!  We are coders!


ToKod (2B) or Not-ToKod (not-2b)
That! Is the Question!


Diagram of Ultimate Power

Taijitu in:  Traditional Chinese: 太極圖; Simplified Chinese: 太极图; Wade-Giles: t’ai⁴chi²t’u²; Pinyin: tàijítú;

Taijitu, in a rough English translation is: “Diagram of Ultimate Power!”  It is a term which refers to a Chinese symbol for the concept of yin and yang.  It is also often used to represent the concept of opposites existing in harmony.

We believe supporting each other is really the Ultimate Power of the Human Spirit.  In logic the ultimate power is binary thinking, “all ones and zeros!”  Our TuKod Logo seeks to represent all of these concepts.


TuKod Taijitu

Our TuKod Logo is a modification of a Horizontal Taijitu, representing the harmony of opposites, and the Ultimate Power of Code (and Coders) to change the world, by supporting others!