The story starts with a probe by some bad bot pretending to be a human and looking for a security hole. It kept banging away at one small site that had an ajax plugin, at the rate of about 10,000 hits a hour. All those 404 errors sent us emails and our shared host decided to take down any active ajax script. That effectively took down about 530 domains and, filled our inbox with 35,000 emails, and it made us think! We needed to do something!

We had pretty much ignored probes, spiders and bad bots, due to the nature of the websites we run. All but about 30 are catalogs for clients and not the kind of target most people have problems with. But it got us thinking about the evil in the world and we discovered there is no good, comprehensive bot control. That is another story, so we turning it over to the Tukod Team to develop a Tukod BotNaught, sort of an Astronaut for the web.

That bot terminated our server, so to paraphrase the Terminator 3 movie, what we need is an anti-terminator-terminator! So Bots will come to Naught, a BotNaught!