TuKod MultiSite User Names Plugin – Active – Coming in May 2012

TuKod MultiSite User Names Plugin is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to customize the UserName during the sign-up.  It allows the use of more characters, like the Spanish ñ!

You can also add dashes, tildes, AT symbols, and uppercase or capital letters too!

You can require longer UserNames (up to 10 characters as a minimum!).

Or you can allow shorter UserNames (down to 1 single character minimum!).

You can try to customize with any ASCII letter (ISO/IEC 8859) except for the quote and backslash characters.

Just take a look as some of our examples and imagine what you can do with your site!

Example WordPress UserNames

Extreme UserName #1: Mr.Ronald_Mc-Donalds~Hamburgers
Extreme UserName #2: Mrs.Precila_Cauresma-Andes~Tait
Email UserName: someone@example.com
Dashes “-” (Hyphens) meandu
Tilde “~” (Wavy Line) me~and~u
Dots “.” (Period) me.and.u
Underscore “_” (Underline) me_and_u
Caps “A-Z” (Uppercase) MeAndU
All Numbers “0-9” 90210
1 Character Minimum I
1 Character Minimum u
10 Character Minimum bewildered
10 Character Minimum BeWilderEd
Advanced UserNames jalapeño (8 Character (or less) minimum, plus added the “ñ” to Advanced Caracters!)
Advanced UserNames piñata (Added the “ñ” to Advanced Caracters!)
Advanced UserNames Ñoclo (Uppercase plus added the “ñ” to Advanced Caracters!)